Ek Pahal Campaign Launched for Justice delivery at Doorstep

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22 September 2021 Current Affairs:The Ministry of Law and Justice has launched a Pan-India Special Campaign called “Ek Pahal Drive” for Justice Delivery at the doorstep. It was launched to encourage mass registration under Tele-Law by the Department of Justice and NALSA on 17 September. 

Key points
♦The goal of this campaign is to make the dream of citizens in India having access to justice a reality.
♦Justice is listed as the first deliverable for Indian citizens in the Preamble to the Indian Constitution. A successful and healthy democracy is one in which each person is not only promised justice, but also equitable justice.
♦ This primary duty directs the state to establish an atmosphere in which justice is viewed as a citizen-centered service rather than a sovereign function.
♦The Department of Justice has launched a nationwide campaign from September 17th through October 2nd to urge mass registration under the Tele-Law. 5480 beneficiaries were registered and logged in at the start of the campaign. 
♦When compared to the daily average registration of beneficiaries, this login campaign saw a 138 percent raise. More than 25000 banners in regional languages were displayed at CSCs. 185 Mobile Vans and other vehicles will be deployed as part of the campaign to broadcast videos and documentaries about the Access to Justice programme.
Tele law
Tele Law’s Panel Lawyers give pre-litigation guidance or consultation to beneficiaries. This medium has a large network, with 51,434 Common Service Centres spread across 50,000 Gram Panchayats in 633 districts across 34 states and territories. It will also host 4100 Legal Aid Clinics with the support of Panel Lawyers and Para-Legal Volunteers to provide pre-litigation or legal counsel to ordinary persons. In 672 districts, legal assistance awareness programmes will be launched at the village level.


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