eCourts Project – Captchas for Physically Disabled

29 June 2021 Current Affairs:Captchas are now accessible to physically disabled people on all High Court websites.

♦ This is a special initiative of the e-Committee of the Supreme Court of India to make India’s judicial system more accessible to people with disabilities.
♦ These captcha can be used as an entry point to several basic aspects of the court’s website, such as judgments/orders, list of reasons, and checking the status of the case.
♦ In addition to visual captchas, text/audio captchas are used to make the website content accessible to the visually challenged. 
♦ The e-Committee has also created a judgement search portal in collaboration with NIC. 
♦ All High Court judgments and final orders are available on the portal.
♦ The portal employs a free text search engine.
♦ In addition, the portal offers the option of using an audio captcha in addition to a text captcha.
♦ It also makes use of accessible combo boxes, making it easier for visually impaired users to navigate the website.

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