Drafting of Chiles Constitution

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08 January 2022 Current Affairs:On January 5, 2022, Chile’s constitutional assembly, which was tasked with drafting a new constitution, chose a new president.


  • Members of the constitutional assembly elected epidemiologist Maria Elisa Quinteros as President after nine rounds of voting. She will succeed Elisa Loncon, the organization’s first president.
  • This modification was included in the documents of the 155-member body that was elected in 2021 to design the new Magna Carta for Chile. Quinteros won the 78 votes needed to succeed Loncon.
  • Gabriel Boric, Chile’s freshly elected next president, congratulated her on her victory. 
  • The constitutional assembly has been allocated nine months to prepare the new constitution, with a possible three-month extension. 
  • Following that, a referendum must be held, which will be organized by Boric’s government, which is slated to assume office on 11 March.
  • The country is set to undergo significant changes as a result of the new constitution. Environmentalists are expecting new protections from the constitution, while Indigenous leaders are hoping for a new connection between their community and the state.

Boric’s Government

  • Gabriel Boric is the President-elect of Chile. He is a 35-year-old former leader of the student movement. 
  • In December 2021, he was re-elected. By 11 percentage points, he beat far-right candidate Jose Antonio Kast.
  •  He will be the youngest president in Chile’s history. The electoral criteria are discussed in Article 26. 
  • The president is chosen by direct ballot, with an absolute majority of legally cast votes. The President is elected via a two-round system. 
  • To win the election, the victorious candidate’s party must receive more than 50% of valid votes in the first round. 
  • The presidential election is held on the third Sunday in November of each year, just before the president’s term ends.

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