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16 September 2021 Current Affairs:The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare signs 5 memorandums of understanding with private enterprises to advance digital agriculture

♦ The government has launched a digital agriculture mission from 2021 to 2025. The project is based on new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, remote sensing and GIS technology, the use of drones and robots.
Absorb ecosystem thinking and digital ecosystem.
♦ The Agriculture value chain extends from crop selection to crop management and the market; it includes public and non-public players in agricultural inputs and services and also logistics.
♦ In addition to promoting innovation, the establishment of an agricultural digital ecosystem requires a long-term perspective on interoperability, data governance, data quality, data standards, security, and privacy.
♦ An important requirement is to adopt a decentralized, federated architecture to ensure the autonomy of service providers and all other participants while ensuring interoperability.
♦ Create a joint farmer database and build different services around the database-to build an agricultural digital ecosystem.
♦ The joint farmer database will connect the land records of farmers across the country and create a unique farmer ID-which will provide all benefits and support information for various programs.

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