Delhi Records Eight New Species of Snakes

25 May 2021 Current Affairs:After a huge five-year study with the aid of researchers from Delhi University, eight more species have been delivered to the listing of snakes in Delhi.

♦ With the addition of eight species, the quantity of snake species recorded in Delhi is extended to 23. It has up to date the 1997 list mentioned in the” Fauna of Delhi” book. This e book is widely used to track native species in Delhi.
♦ The study was carried out by Gaurav Barhadiya, a researcher from the Department of Environmental Studies at Delhi University. As per the study, there are 329 snakes in 23 species and 9 families.
♦ Common bronzeback tree snake, common cat snake, common trinket snake, common kukri, common sand boa, barred wolf snake, streaked kukri, and saw-scaled viper are the new additions in species of snakes.
♦ Techniques such as pitfall traps, opportunistic encounters, roadkill encounters and nocturnal street cruising were used to collect data. Secondary information on snake rescue was additionally taken from NGOs like Wildlife Trust of India and Fauna Foundation of India.
♦ Rapid urbanization is the principal purpose of worries for the reptilian population, together with snakes in cities. Green areas are reducing with growing urbanisation. Thus, future planning has to include plans for the preservation of inexperienced spaces and wildlife.
♦ Delhi is a vital web page for conservation because it is a phase of the historic Aravalli mountains. Though, it has now fragmented both in the structure of urban forests or city parks. Despite that, it experiences everyday snake occurrences across houses, gardens and industrial areas. Thus, Delhi nevertheless has true plausible and gives a possibility to preserve native flora, fauna and biodiversity.

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