Delhi Government Launches Rojgar Bazaar 2.0

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19 October 2021 Current Affairs:Delhi Government released tenders in the Rojgar Bazaar 2.0 portal on 14 October.

♦ The Rojgar Bazaar 2.0 portal will provide employment-related services to Delhi youth and end-to-end employment-related information.
♦ It also provides artificial intelligence-based job matching to the youth looking for jobs in the national capital.
♦ Portal is said to act as a gateway to access career guidance, skill training, and skill credentialing, and a mobile app for the same will also be launched by the government.
♦ The Delhi government launched the ‘Rojgar Bazaar 1.0’ in August 2020, which revealed that 10 lakh jobs and 14 lakh job-seekers have already been advertised.

Rojgar Bazaar 2.0 portal
♦ This portal will bring all the services related to skill training, career guidance and job matching on this first-of-its-kind digital platform. 
♦ The government has also planned to institutionalise physical centres to increase access to this portal because many unorganised workers cannot access digital platforms. 
♦ It will also provide AI-based employer verification for matching jobs and other critical services like skilling, career guidance, skill credentialing, and automated analytics services. 
♦ All these services will help in enhancing the ability of job seekers to gain meaningful livelihoods.

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