Decommission of INS Rajput

22 May 2021 Current Affairs:INS Rajput has been decommissioned. The Indian Navy’s first destroyer was the INS Rajput.

About INS Rajput:
It was the lead ship of the former Soviet Union’s Kashin-class destroyers. It was given the Russian name ‘Nadezhny,’ which means ‘hope.’
It was built in the year 1980.
The ship was the first Indian Naval ship to be associated with a regiment of the Indian Army, the Rajput Regiment, with the motto “Raj Karega Rajput.”
It participated in a number of operations, including Operation Aman off the coast of Sri Lanka to support the IPKF, Operation Cactus off the coast of the Maldives to address a hostage crisis, Operation Pawan for patrolling duties off the coast of Sri Lanka, and Operation Crowsnest off the coast of Lakshadweep.

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