Davis Cup 2021

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The Davis Cup 2021 was won by the Russian Tennis Federation. 


The Davis Cup finals happened between Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev of Russia. 
And Daniit Medvedev won the match, taking victory to the Russian Tennis Federation.
The Davis Cup is also named the World Cup of Tennis as it is an international team competition in men’s tennis. 
 The Billie Jean King Cup is the women’s equivalent of the Davis Cup. The International Tennis Federation conducts it on hard courts.
It first happened in 1900 as a trial between the US and Britain, and by 2016, 135 countries were participating in the tournament.
The most victorious countries of the Davis cup are the USA, Australia, New Zealand, where the USA has won the Davis Title 32 times, Australia has won 28 times.
It is a single-elimination tournament, as each match’s loser is immediately eliminated from the tournament. 
The other type of tournament held is Playoff, where the top competitors determine the league champion. 
The most common type is the “regular season”, also called Group Tournament. The teams are divided into groups, and each group plays a specific number of games against their opponent.

International Tennis Federation

The International Tennis Federation manages the Davis Cup. The ITF is the governing body of beach tennis, wheelchair tennis and world tennis. It collaborates with the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) and Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) to govern professional tennis.
The ITF organizes Davis cup (of men), Billie Jean King Cup (of women), Grand Slam, Hopman Cup.

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