Dam Safety Bill

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02 December 2021 Current Affairs:The Dam Safety Bill was introduced in Rajya Sabha, which aims to inspect, survey, maintain and operate dams in the country which are 100 years old.


  • The bill establishes two national bodies- National Committee on Dam Safety and National Dam Safety Authority.
  • The National Committee on Dam Safety will develop policies and support regulations associated with dam safety.
  • The National Dam Safety Authority fulfils the policies enshrined by the National Committee and provides technical support to the State Dam Safety Organisations.
  • The bill will also constitute two state bodies- State Committee on Dam Safety and State Dam Safety Authority. 
  • The functions of these committees and authorities are limited at the state level and are the same as the national committees and authorities.

Functions :

  • To resolve issues between State Dam Safety Organisations.
  • To assess the potential impact of dam failure.
  • To supervise dam rehabilitation programs.

Constitutional validity

  • The states can make irrigation, water supply, canals, dams, drainage, water power, and water storage laws.
  • The Parliament can make laws on the law of river valleys and interstate rivers.
  • The Parliament can make laws on subjects in the State list if two or more states pass a resolution requiring a law.

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