Cowin Under WHO Specifications

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25 September 2021 Current Affairs:The Chairman of the empowered group for COVID vaccine administration has referred to that no situation has been expressed through the UK government on the certification manner of Cowin. Also, Indian COVID-19 vaccination certificate conformed to the World Health Organisation (WHO) specifications. It is an essential step ahead in to facilitate travel and fully defend the public fitness of the U.K. and India

♦ Cowin (Covid Vaccine Intelligence Work) is the Indian government’s web portal to register for COVID-19 vaccination. It shows slots of COVID-19 vaccine reachable in the nearby areas and can be booked on the website.
♦ It is a secured and straightforward proof that helped people establish when, where and by whom they had been vaccinated.
♦ In totality, Cowin is a cloud-based IT solution for planning, implementation, monitoring, and comparison of Covid-19 vaccination in India.
♦ This approves the machine to screen the utilisation, wastage, insurance of Covid-19 vaccination at national, state, district and sub-district level.
♦ Cowin tracks on an actual-time basis the vaccination power in India. The portal additionally presents vaccination certificates in digital format
♦ The selection to make CoWIN platform open source and provide it as a digital public desirable was guided by the approach of ‘One Earth, One Health’.

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