COVID-19 Vaccines for Animals Produced by Russia

01 May 2021 Current Affairs:Russia produced the first COVID-19 vaccine for animals. The name of the vaccine is Carnivac-Cov. The World Health Organization recently confirmed the possibility of spreading the virus between humans and the virus.

♦ After Denmark determined that the virus had spread from humans to minks, by 2020, Denmark had killed more than 17 million minks. In Denmark, the virus was transferred from humans to mink skins. Then, it was passed back to humans as a mutant strain.
♦ Carnivac-Cov: It is produced by Rosselkhoznadzor, the Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision Department of the Russian Federation.
♦ Russian scientists believe that the use of the vaccine will help prevent virus mutations. The results of the vaccine test show that it has a good immunogenic effect.
♦ Response to COVID-19 animal vaccine: Russia said that Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Poland, Greece, Germany, Austria, Iran, Argentina, South Korea and other countries have expressed interest in purchasing the vaccine.
♦ COVID-19 is spread mainly through human-to-human transmission. However, there is evidence that there is transmission between humans and animals. This is possible mainly because it is a zoonotic virus.

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