Countrys First-ever Bamboo Made Cricket Bat, Stumps In Tripura

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09 November 2021 Current Affairs:The First-ever Bamboo Made Cricket Bat, Stumps were made in the state of Tripura.

♦ Tripura’s Bamboo and Cane Development Institute (BCDI) and the North East Centre of Technology Application and Reach (NECTAR) claimed to have created the country’s first-ever bamboo-made cricket bat, following all of the industry’s established protocols. T
♦ These bats are suitable for all forms of cricket. 
♦ Willow is the most common type of wood used to make cricket bats. Biplab Kumar Deb was recently given a demonstration of the product by the company’s CEO.
♦ The bats’ development has been aided by the use of hard Boom (local name) bamboo. 
♦ Kanakaich (a native type of bamboo) has also been utilized to construct bamboo wickets that are nearly impenetrable.
♦ We used our own bamboo blue board technology to produce this product.
♦ Four to five months ago, a Cambridge university paper published a lengthy article on the use of bamboo as an alternative for traditional bat-making methods.
♦ The project was then taken up by NECTAR, with the BCDI taking on the remaining work, according to BCDI-NECTAR chairman Dr. Abhinab Kant.


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