Controlling Air Taxis Is Being Tested In South Korea.

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13 November 2021 Current Affairs:South Korea tested a technology to regulate urban air mobility vehicles on November 11, 2021. (UAM).

♦ The Urban Air Mobility Vehicles will act as taxis between major airports and Seoul’s central business district.
♦ By 2025, this project will be operational, reducing travel time by two-thirds.
♦ According to the Ministry of Transportation, such services will reduce travel time by air from an hour to 20 minutes for distances between 30 and 50 kilometers.
♦ UAM is intended to become a common mode of transportation that citizens will utilize on a regular basis.
♦ When commercial flights begin in 2025, a flight from Incheon International Airport to central Seoul will cost roughly 110,000 won.

Urban Air Mobility:
♦ Pilot flew a two-seat model produced by Germany’s Volocopter at Seoul’s Gimpo Airport to demonstrate control and cooperation.
♦ Vertical take-offs and landings are made possible by the UAM’s helicopter-like rotors.
♦ Without a pilot, shown aircraft can be flown or piloted autonomously.
♦ When passengers are on board, the pilot must maintain control of the aircraft to protect their safety.
♦ By 2022, the full-scale prototype is planned to begin testing flights.
♦ Its test flight will begin with the goal of constructing a five-seat variant that will be operational.

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