Construction of 1st Commercial Small Modular Reactor

17 July 2021 Current Affairs:China has officially begun constructing the world’s first commercial modular small reactor, ‘Linglong One’, at the Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant in Hainan Province. 

♦ This project is based on China National Nuclear Corporation’s (CNNC’s Linglong One (ACP100) technology. This 125 MWe SMR is a pressurised water reactor designed for multi-purpose like urban heating, electricity generation, urban cooling, industrial steam production, or seawater desalination.
♦ China National Nuclear Corporation began the development of the Linglong One in 2010. The first SMR project was to pass an independent safety assessment by International Atomic Energy Agency experts in 2016.
♦ Its integrated pressurised water reactor (PWR) design was completed in 2014, and it was identified as a ‘key project’ in China’s 12th Five-Year Plan.
♦ The design, which has 57 fuel assemblies and integral steam generators, was developed from the larger ACP1000 PWR. It incorporates passive safety features and could be installed underground.

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