Conference of Governors And LGs

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12 November 2021 Current Affairs:On November 10, 2021, President and PM attended the Rashtrapati Bhawan in Delhi for the Conference of Governors and Lieutenant Governors.

♦ Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu and Union Home Minister Amit Shah also spoke at the event.
♦ President Ram Nath Kovind presided over the summit for the fourth time.
♦ The Head of State of India is the President. He is also known as India’s first citizen.

President and Governor
♦ The President and the Governor have both been designated as Constitutional Heads.
♦ In their name, all executive decisions are made. The Council of Ministers, however, wields actual power.
♦ Before becoming an act, all ordinary or money bills must receive their consent.
♦ All money bills are introduced in the Lok Sabha on the President’s proposal, and in state legislatures on the Governor’s advice.
♦ Both of them have been given the authority to enact ordinances.
♦ In the Lok Sabha, the President nominates two members of the Anglo-Indian Community. 
♦ The Governor, on the other hand, appoints one member of the Anglo-Indian community to the State Legislature.
♦ In the Rajya Sabha, the President nominates 12 members. The Governor, on the other hand, appoints one-sixth of the members of the State Legislative Council.
♦ When it comes to death sentences, the governor does not have the power to pardon, The President is the only person who has the authority to commute death sentences.
♦ The President is the only person who has the authority to declare war or peace and  Pardon Punishment  Under martial law.

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