Collarwali Tigress Passed Away

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19 January 2022 Current Affairs:The Collarwali tigress died recently in India’s Pench Tiger Reserve. It died as a result of old age. 


  • The State of Madhya Pradesh’s Forest Department performed the last rites. The tigress died when she was 16 years old.
  • In 2005, the Collarwali tigress was born. She was instrumental in increasing the tiger inhabitants in the Pench Tiger Reserve.
  • During her lifetime, she gave birth to 29 cubs. Only 25 of the 29 pubs survived. Collarwali tigress managed to give birth to three pubs in 2005. They did not make it.
  • She gave birth to four cubs in 2018, and this was her last time delivering pubs. She gave birth to five pubs in 2010. Tigresses who have more than 3 or 4 pubs are extremely rare. 
  • As a result, she was dubbed “Supermum.” She was also referred to as “mataram,” which means “respected mother.”
  • The tigress was wearing a collar to track their movements in the jungle. She is the first tigress in the Pench Tiger Reserve to be fitted with a collar. 
  • The collars are worn when tigers are transported from one habitat to another and introduced into a new forest area.
  • Still, the tigress was a resident of the Pench Tiger Reserve and was not introduced from elsewhere.
  • The tigress rose to prominence after appearing in a BBC documentary titled “Spy in the Jungle.” 
  • She went on to become one of India’s most well-known tigers due to this documentary. For two years, the documentary followed the lives of 4 of her cubs.

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