Chemotaxis – Helps in Wound Healing

17 July 2021 Current Affairs:Chemotaxis refers to the movement of cells toward attractant chemicals or away from repellents.

About chemotaxis:
♦ Almost every motile (moving) organism exhibits some form of chemotaxis.
♦ Many organisms in nature respond to chemical signals from their surroundings by moving their bodies, a process known as chemotaxis.
♦ Chemotaxis is used by a sperm cell to locate an ovum. Chemotaxis is the process by which white blood cells, which are required for wound healing, locate the site of injury or inflammation. Butterflies also track flowers, and male insects use chemotaxis to reach their prey. Chemotaxis is the movement of coli in the human intestine toward or away from chemicals.
♦ Understanding chemotaxis entails determining how it is influenced by various conditions present within the cell or in the environment.

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