CEO Water Mandate – NTPC

07 June 2021 Current Affairs:NTPC has joined the CEO Water mandate of the United Nations.

About CEO Water Mandate:
♦ The CEO Water Mandate is a UN Global Compact initiative that encourages companies to demonstrate their commitment and efforts to improve their water and sanitation agendas as part of long-term Sustainable Development Goals. 
♦ CEO Water Mandate aims to assist companies in formulating, implementing and disclosing comprehensive water resources strategies and policies.
♦  It also serves as a platform for companies to collaborate with other companies, UN agencies, public authorities, civil society organisations, and other key stakeholders.
♦ The Mandate is a platform for business leaders and learners to make commitments to advance water stewardship.
♦ Endorsing companies commit to taking action on six key elements and reporting on progress on an annual basis.
♦ By implementing water stewardship, endorsing companies identify and reduce critical water risks to their businesses, seize water-related opportunities, and contribute to water security and the SDGs. 
♦ The six commitment areas are:
♦ Direct operations
♦ Supply chain and watershed management
♦ Collective action
♦ Public policy
♦ Community engagement
♦ Transparency

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