Central Asia Flyway Begins With 30 Range Countries For 2 Days

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07 October 2021 Current Affairs:The Online Meeting with Range countries began on 6 October for two days in Central Asian Flyway.

♦ The meeting is aimed to strengthen the conservation actions for migratory birds and their habitats in the Central Asian Flyway.
♦ The Central Asian Flyway (CAF) covers a large area of Eurasia between the arctic and Indian Ocean and comprises several important migration routes for birds.
♦ There are 30 countries under the Central Asian Flyway and the 2-day meeting was organized by India.
♦ The best practices on the conservation of migratory birds and the National Action Plan will be discussed in the two-day meeting.
♦ Minister for the environment, forest and climate change, Bhupendar Yadav gave his address in the meeting.
♦ The essential and indispensable roles migratory birds play in the ecosystems was emphasized in his speech. 

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