Breeding of Superworms

02 June 2021 Current Affairs:A Kuwait businessman, Jassem Buabbas, is breeding “superworms” for animal feed because of years. Jassem is now hoping that superworms will find their way into the diets of Gulf citizens. He positions worm-like larvae of the darkling beetle in a small, darkish room. The darkling beetle is known for its high protein content. He targets to make worms a successful meals alternative for humans.

♦ Insects are extensively eaten worldwide. About 1,000 species takes place on dinner plates of humans in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Apart from typical diets, cricket pasta & mealworm smoothies have to be present-day meal trends. Edible insects are promoted as a sustainable alternative to traditional protein sources.
♦ Superworms are the larvae of species of darkling beetle known as Zophobas morio. They are also called King Worms, Morio Worms or Zophobas and are typically used as food in the reptile pet industry. They have to know not to be burdened with giant mealworms( Tenebrio Molitor larvae).
♦ Superworms larvae resemble 50 to 60 mm long mealworms. However, the ends of our bodies are very dark. They have six tiny legs. Insects are every day by using turtle, lizards, salamanders, frogs, birds etc. The nutritional value of superworms is comparable to these of mealworms.

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