Blood Moon to be on 26th May

15 May 2021 Current Affairs:A blood moon occurs when the earth’s moon is in a total lunar eclipse. During this time, the moon looks red or tan. Therefore, it is called the blood moon. The next blood moon will happen on May 26, 2021. The last blood moon occurred on January 20-21, 2019.

About the Blood Moon:
♦ Lunar eclipses occur during the full moon day only. During this time, the moon was completely in the shadow of the earth. At this period, a small part of the sunlight that reaches the earth at sunrise and sunset falls on the moon. It can be noticed that the sky is red at sunrise and sunset. This means that during this period, of all seven VIBGYOR colours in white light, only red reaches the earth. This red light reflects on the moon, so the moon becomes a blood moon. 
♦ All full moons have no lunar eclipses. This is because the plane where the earth revolves around the sun and the plane where the moon revolves around the earth is different. Solar eclipses only occur when the planes coincide.
♦ When the sun is positioned on the horizon i.e the imaginary line where the earth and the sky intersect, the sunlight must travel a longer distance to reach the earth’s surface. This means that during this time of the day, light must encounter more atmospheric particles. These particles scatter the greatest amount of light. Among all VIBGYOR colours in the sun, red has the highest wavelength, so it can resist scattering and manage to reach the earth’s surface. Other colours will scatter as they travel to the earth.

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