Biotech-KISAN Programme – DBT

23 June 2021 Current Affairs:DBT has issued a Special Call under the Biotech KISAN Programme to improve agricultural productivity in the North East region.

About the Biotech-KISAN Programme:
♦ It is a farmer-centric scheme for farmers developed by and with farmers under the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Department of Biotechnology.
♦ It is a pan-India programme that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in farmers while also empowering women farmers.
♦ It identifies and promotes local farm leaders of both male and female. In addition to facilitating knowledge transfer, this type of leadership also helps to develop science-based agriculture.
♦ The goal is to understand the farmers’ water, soil, seed, and market problems and provide simple solutions to them.
♦ The programme connects available science and technology to the farm by first understanding the local farmer’s problems and then providing scientific solutions to those problems.
♦ The Biotech-KISAN hubs are expected to provide the technology needed to generate agriculture and bio-resource-related jobs and better livelihoods for small and marginal farmers by ensuring biotechnological benefits.

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