Biologics Offer Revolutionary Approach To Treating Diseases

19 May 2021 Current Affairs:Researchers from the University of Massachusetts (U.S.A.) recently developed a nanoparticle. It presents a novel and potentially game-changing approach to disease treatment.

♦ The new concept Protein-Antibody Conjugate or PAC combines two different drug delivery methods.
♦ One is a biological agent. The idea is to target defective proteins in the system by delivering proteins to the system.
♦ Insulin therapy is an example for this case.
♦ Another method is to use antibodies for drug delivery.
♦ Antibodies are things produced by the human body and used to detect foreign bodies in the body.
♦ Now, PAC has proteins linked to antibodies.
♦ This may affect incurable diseases such as pancreatic cancer. 

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