Ayush Aahaar Project

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The project was started by the Ministry of AYUSH. Ayush Aahaar is a nutritious meal plan. This diet will be provided in the ministry’s canteen.


It was unveiled in the ministry’s Ayush Bhawan canteen. The project’s goal is to encourage a healthy lifestyle through a well-balanced diet. 
Kokum drink, gajar ka halwa, bhajani vada, and vegetable poha are all part of a nutritious diet. 
These dishes are nutrient-dense and well-liked by the general audience. They’re also simple to absorb.
As a test, the Ayush Aahaar is being introduced. Dishwashers will be given forms to fill out. It is necessary to collect feedback. 
A new diet will be established based on the responses. This is the first step towards promoting the Ayush Lifestyle. 
The ministry intends to raise awareness about the Ayush way of living.

AYUSH Aahaar

Its primary goal is to lessen the impact of lifestyle diseases. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and stroke are all lifestyle disorders. 
A nutritious diet, frequent exercise, and yoga are all part of the AYUSH lifestyle. In terms of AYUSH practices, India is the world leader. 
AYUSH is taught in over 500 colleges and 3000 hospitals across the country. The diet could be implemented at these hospitals if the project is a success.
In India, the AYUSH market is worth ten billion dollars. In the following five years, it is expected to expand by 50%. 
For AYUSH, there are no FDI restrictions. India is the world’s second-largest exporter of complementary and alternative medicines. 
In wealthy countries, yoga and acupuncture are becoming more popular

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