Avicennia marina in News

12 July 2021 Current Affairs:Avicennia marina is a prominent mangrove species that can be found in all mangrove formations in India.

♦ It is a salt-secreting and extremely salt-tolerant mangrove species that grows best in 75 percent seawater and can withstand up to 250 percent seawater.
♦ It is a rare plant species that can excrete 40% of its salt through salt glands in the leaves, in addition to its extraordinary ability to prevent salt entry into the roots.
♦ It is a shrub or tree that belongs to the Acanthaceae family and is also known as grey mangrove or white mangrove
♦ They are 10–14 m long on average, with light grey or whitish bark and stiff, brittle, thin flakes. Their upper leaves are thick, glossy, and bright green, while the lower leaves are grey or silvery white with small hairs.

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