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World Champion for 4th time in Snooker Mark Selby

07 May 2021 Current Affairs:British professional snooker player Mark Selby won the world championship

World Portuguese Language Day is on 5th May

05 May 2021 Current Affairs:Every May 5th, World Portuguese Day emphasizes the important role of the

International Firefighters Day is on 4th May

05 May 2021 Current Affairs:Every year, May 4th is International Firefighter’s Day. Commemorate

World Hand Hygiene Day is on 5th May

Every year, May 5th is World Hand Hygiene Day. 05 May 2021 Current Affairs:Every year, May 5th is Wor

Coal Miners Day is on 4th May

05 May 2021 Current Affairs:Coal Miner’s Day observed on 4th May every year to honour the hard work

Public Buildings and Fire Safety

04 May 2021 Current Affairs:There have been fatal fires in hospital buildings in the last year, inclu

P-8I Patrol Aircraft US State Department

04 May 2021 Current Affairs:The proposed sale of six P-8I patrol aircraft and associated equipment to

Vaccine Finder Tool Introduced in India by Facebook

05 May 2021 Current Affairs:Facebook has partnered with the government of India to launch a vaccine f

Parker Solar Probe – NASA

05 May 2021 Current Affairs:NASA’s Parker Solar Probe detected a natural radio signal, indicati

Puppetry Art-form of Assam – Putola Nach

05 May 2021 Current Affairs:A have confidence primarily based in Assam currently made videos using th