Asteroid 1994 PC1 Passed By Earth

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20 January 2022 Current Affairs:On January 18, 2022, the asteroid 1994 PC1 will pass close to Earth. It will fly by at 1.2 million miles per hour.


  • This is equivalent to five times the distance between the moon and the Earth. As a result, the asteroid will cause no harm to the Earth. 
  • “7482” is another name for it. Its length exceeds one kilometer. This equates to 3,450 feet. The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, stands 2,722 feet tall.
  • The asteroid travels at a speed of 45,000 miles per hour. It’s a rocky asteroid. It has been classified as a potentially hazardous asteroid as well as a near-Earth object.
  •  It orbits the sun at a distance of 0.9 to 1.8 AU. It follows an elliptic orbit. The asteroid’s rotation period is 2.599 hours per light curve analysis. 
  • The light curve tracks the intensity of light emitted by a celestial body.


  • It was discovered in 1997 by Goldstone radar.
  • The Goldstone Observatory can be found in the Mojave Desert.
  • It primarily follows NASA’s space missions.

Asteroid 1994 PC1

  • The unnamed minor planet 1994 PC1 is an asteroid. Minor planets are celestial bodies that orbit the sun directly. 
  • Minor planets, as opposed to moons, revolve around the sun. They’re not a planet or a comet. Asteroids, main-belt asteroids, near-earth objects, distant minor planets such as trans – Neptunian objects, and centaurs are included. 
  • Furthermore, most of the celestial bodies in the Kuiper belt are minor planets. Ceres was the first minor planet discovered. It was founded in the year 1801.
  • Asteroid 1994 PC1 is of the type S. These asteroids are composed of siliceous minerals, primarily silica.
  • S – type asteroids account for approximately 17% of all asteroids in the solar system. The C – type, or carbonaceous, is the most common.

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