Arctic Sea Ice Commenced Melting

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27 September 2021 Current Affairs:The Arctic sea ice reached its minimal extent, coming in at 4.72 million square miles. It is the 12th lowest on record and the document minimum melting of the ice took place in 2012. The ‘Last Ice Area’ (LIA), located in the Arctic’s Ice north of Greenland, has also commenced melting before than what the scientists had expected.

Key takeaways:
♦ Sea ice cover has dropped by roughly half since the Nineteen Eighties as a direct result of accelerated carbon dioxide from human activities.
♦ At this stage of the melt season (summer), the sea ice pack is at its weakest and is relatively responsive to the climate stipulations of a given day or week. Subtle shifts can have huge impacts.
♦ Albedo Feedback Loop: Ice is greater reflective (has a greater albedo) than land or water surfaces.
♦ Counterclockwise Ice Circulation: Cyclones coming into the Arctic from Siberia generated counterclockwise winds and ice drifts which decreased the sea ice amount moving out of the Arctic through the Fram Strait, east of Greenland. And, this likely contributed to the record low summer sea ice stipulations determined in the Greenland Sea.
♦ Low Pressure System: The low strain gadget also will increase cloudiness over the Arctic which can additionally entice warmth misplaced from the surface.

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