Antarctica Heads towards Climate Tipping Point

20 May 2021 Current Affairs:According to a new report, Antarctica’s ice sheets will reach Climate Tipping Points by 2060.

♦ Antarctica has a number of ice shelves. The towering ice cliffs might not be able to stand on their own when these ice shelves break up.
♦ These ice shelves are breaking at a faster pace, according to the report.
♦ Antarctica’s ice sheets and shelves are supported by bedrock that slopes inwards toward the continent’s centre.
♦ Warming ocean waters are causing their lower edges to melt. This will cause them to become unstable, resulting in open fractures.
♦ As more ice fields are exposed to warmer temperatures as a result of open cracks, the melting process accelerates.
♦ Therefore, it can be concluded that Antarctica is moving in the direction of irreversible climate change, that is, it is moving in the direction of its Climate Tipping Point.
♦ The Climatic Tipping Point is the threshold that causes a large change in the state of the system.

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