American Bumblebee Under Review For Endangered Species

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02 October 2021 Current Affairs:American Bumblebee population is under review for species by US Fish and Wildlife Services.

♦ The American bumblebee population has lowered by 89% within the past few decades so, it might be declared as an “endangered species”.
♦ US Fish & Wildlife Services is to conduct a one-year review, after which the species would become protected under the “Endangered Species Act (ESA)”.
♦ The ESA act provides a legal framework to safeguard species from extinction.
♦ The population of yank bumblebee has declined thanks to habitat destruction, global climate change, exposure to disease & pesticides, loss of genetic diversity alongside competition with the non-native bees.
♦ This was reported by the “Center for Biological Diversity (CBD)” and Albany school of law student group named as “Bombus Pollinator Association of Law Students”. 

American Bumblebee
♦ This species is scientifically called Bombus pensylvanicus.
♦ It is native to North America. it’s also found in eastern Canada, the eastern us, and Mexico. 
♦ The species live and nest in open farmland & fields. It feeds on food plants like favoring sunflowers & clovers.


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