Aero India Begun at Yelahanka Air Force Station

06 February 2021 Current Affairs:

The 13th Indian Aero Show began at Yelahanka Air Force Base (Karnataka) in Bangalore. This is an important event that attracts international and Indian military and civil aircraft manufacturers, its supporting industries, military brass and government officials, and business visitors.

♦ Aero India is an international military and civil air show held every two years.
♦ Since its launch in Bangalore in 1996, the Yelahanka Air Force Base, headquartered in Bangalore, is about 30 kilometres from the city centre and has been hosting an air show in February.
♦ This is the first “hybrid” air show, which means people can also participate digitally. Aero India’s key region in 2021 is the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). The show is organized by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO).
♦ Aero India has seen the participation of top airlines in 2021, while India has demonstrated its home-grown defence capabilities.
♦ In addition to global aviation giants such as Boeing (USA), Lockheed Martin (USA), Dassault Company (France) and Airbus (Europe), the exhibition will also attract Thales (France) Including the participation of top defence companies in the aviation industry, BAE Systems (UK) and missile manufacturer MBDA (Europe).
♦ India has been buying products from these major giants, such as Boeing P8-I, Dassault Rafale, and other aircraft.
♦ During the air show, the government also officially sealed the rupees. The $48 billion transactions purchased 83 Tejas light fighters from the state-owned airline Hindustan Airways Limited (HAL).
♦ Tejas was manufactured by Hindustan Airways Limited (HAL) is a single-engine, highly agile multi-role supersonic fighter that can operate in high-threat air environments.

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