A New Government Was Unveiled By Tunisias President

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12 October 2021 Current Affairs:The New Government of Tunisia was Unveiled by President of Tunisia, Kais Saied, On 11 October.

♦ The President of Tunesia had seized power and control of the country in July 2021, regarding which no clues were given on when it would end.
♦ There is also no clue on reforms required for a financial rescue package to avert economic disaster.
♦ Under commands, President Kais Saied proclaimed in September 2021 that the Parliament would answer him rather than Prime Minister Najla Bouden.
♦ Many prominent cabinet members served President Saied in an interim role like foreign and finance ministers. 
♦ However, the new interior minister is one of his stable associates.
♦ Saied has pushed the democratic gains of the 2011 revolution in Tunisia into uncertainty by taking the chief authority and end of the elected Parliament. 
♦ He also provided no straightforward plan to revive regular constitutional order. 
♦ He also awarded himself the power to appoint a committee for amending the 2014 constitution and a referendum.

Matters in Tunisia
♦ The delay in appointing the govt has aggravated Tunisia’s urgent need for support by stopping talks with the International fund (IMF) on a rescue package. 
♦ The financial institution governor has also warned of economic outcomes. 
♦ Furthermore, there are increasing fears of street encounters between his competitors.

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